Saturday, 21 May 2011

How to get rid of those surveys when downloading.(only possible in google chrome)

When you come to a page with a survey box in front of it just do the following:
1.Right click in the scroll bar of the page.
2.Select inspect element
3.A small box will appear.
4.In that click on scripts.
5.In the top right corner you will see an icon of 'pause'.
6.Click on it.
7.Then click on elements.
8.Expand the body tab.
9.(Now is the very complicated thing that i dont know to explain.But i will try)You have to put your pointer over each and every one of them. On anyone of them , when you place your pointer you will see the complete page covered with a blue colour. Click on it and delete it. If the black colour on the page disappear, you have done correctly. But if the entire page disappears reload the page and do all the steps again.
10.Now you have to repeat step 9, but this time you have to make the survey box disappear.Just do the step 9 and there you go. After doing this if you are unable to click a link and go to that link, do the next step.
11.Right click on the link and click on open in new tab.That's it.

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